The School in Rose Valley is a progressive school for children in preschool through sixth grade. In our classrooms and our wooded campus, teachers and students create experiences that arouse curiosity, stretch muscles, strengthen initiative, and stimulate questions. We guide children to know themselves, to delight in learning, and to understand their opportunities and responsibilities in our community and the world. Interested? Learn more about SRV.

Making the decision to send my daughter to The School in Rose Valley was one of my best. It was the perfect match for her and certainly is partially responsible for making her the amazing person that she is today. We are lucky in that this area is filled with great schools. The School in Rose Valley is definitely in the top tier.

- parent of alumna

The teachers at The School in Rose Valley are amazing because they really give you one-on-one time.

- 4th Grade student

We chose SRV so our sons would develop a foundation of strong academics, the ability to think through complex and abstract concepts, the confidence to face and take risks, and an understanding of joyful living.

- current parent

SRV is a healthy, happy place for both children and adults. Teachers have the freedom and support they need to do what's best for children, and children have what they need to thrive -- as individuals and as members of a community.

- current teacher