2017 Summer Camp Fee Schedule

Summer Camp tuition includes morning & afternoon snacks, accident insurance, and milk & juice available at lunch.  The fee also covers a campover that is planned for the older campers (usually those going into 5th grade and up).  SRV now accepts credit card payments for summer camp.  Pay the amount on your invoice by clicking here:  Credit Card Payment

Basic Camp Tuition
7 Weeks (June 19 to August 4, 8:30am-3:30pm)
SRV students $2,795
Non-SRV students $2,895
Weekly 5 full days
SRV students $465
Non-SRV students $475

Additional Preschool Part Time Option (ages 3 & 4)
(For 5 Full Day preschool, please see basic tuition above. Half days are 8:30am-noon. For 3-day weeks, you may pick your days.)
5 Half Days, 7 weeks
SRV and Non-SRV students $1,875
5 Half Days, per week
SRV and Non-SRV students $280
3 Full Days, 7 Weeks
SRV and Non-SRV students $2,170
3 Full Days, per week
SRV and Non-SRV students $320

Extended Care is available from 7:30-8:20am and 3:30-6:00pm. The fee is $8.00 per hour (if prepaid)or $10.00 per hour if billed. Time is calculated by the half hour.

FREE to BE Week
Limited enrollment for FREE to BE week includes activities and swimming. Priority for children who are enrolled in camp for the first 7 weeks. $440 fee for the week for SRV students/$450 for non-SRV students, or $300 with the 7-week seasonal enrollment if payment is enclosed with application.
FREE to BE Week August 7-11, 8:30am-3:30pm
SRV and Non-SRV students $475

Registration & deposit: Applications submitted before April 1 must include a deposit of $200 per child, which is applied toward tuition. $100 of the deposit is non-refundable. Each application submitted after April 1 must also include a $25 late fee that is not applied to tuition. The balance of the tuition payment is due by June 1. Applications submitted after June 1 must include the full tuition payment and late fee.