Programs Overview

Direct Experience

Students at The School in Rose Valley engage daily in direct experience with peers, teachers, classroom materials and the natural environment. Our teachers encourage and facilitate learning with their expertise and through the school’s curricula. Teachers plan lessons that support students in the work of exploration and reflection.

Connection to Nature

SRV’s wooded campus is adjacent to a nature preserve and creek. Students love spending time outdoors each day digging in the sandbox, building forts, sledding when it snows or having a book group discussion under a tree.

Independence & Community Connection

Our students see themselves as capable, competent and independent people. They learn to persist through difficult situations, follow their own pathways of thinking, voice their own opinions, and navigate novel academic and social situations with self-assurance.

The curricular content, skills, values and habits of mind that are taught at our school provide the foundation for students to develop social, environmental and global awareness. All students have daily classroom jobs and participate in caring for their classrooms and the whole school in age-appropriate ways.


Creativity in all arenas is encouraged as an avenue for individual self-expression, personal satisfaction and collaboration. Special Subjects in art, music and woodshop are taught by teacher experts who combine their disciplines with classroom work for an integrated, cohesive curriculum.